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Dork Diaries

Hi, today I’m reviewing a book that most of you have probably read but just in case you haven’t, I’m going to get started. This book is called Dork Diaries written and illustrated by Rachel Renee Russell.

This book is a young girls diary, her name is… Nikki. Nikki is a total dork and going to a new school she’s convinced she’ll never get into the CCP (cute, cool and popular) group.

On Nikki’s first day at Westchester Country Day (or, WCD for short). She gets a locker right next to….. Mackenzie Hollister, Queen of the CCP’s. So when she gets a locker next to Mackenzie who ABSOLUTELY HATES NIKKI’S GUTS (well… that’s how¬†Nikki puts it anyway), she is furious!

Well…. Nikki is about to sign up for the avant art competition when someone turns up… You gueDORK DIARIES XDst it: Mackenzie, Mackenzie was with her BFF: Jessica and they shot insults at her from every direction so she wouldn’t sign up for the competition. And their plan worked! so instead Nikki decides to sign up for library shelving assistant and that’s when she meets her BFF’s. SQUEEEEEE!!!

So jump into the world of Nikki J Maxwell and see her flaws, her crush and her CCP drama with the very first book of the fabulous American middle school girl book series.

I rate this book:4 out of 5 stars


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