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Alice-Miranda In Paris

Hello today I’m reviewing Alice-Miranda in Paris written by Jacqueline Harvey.

alice-miranda-in-paris.jpgThis book is about a young girl named Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones an this time she’s going to the France capital: Paris with the Winchester-Fayle singers, which is made up of Whinchester-Downsfordvale Academy For Proper Young Ladies and Fayle school for boys.

But, there’s one small problem with the last performance they’re singing at, a young boy named Fabien who was a little bit older then the boys, he was stuck, he is a great designer yet he couldn’t think of anything. So, Paris being… Well Paris with the nice sight seeing places and fun there is a dark side…

This book is filled with laughter, suspense, and best of all Alice-Miranda and her friends: Millie, Sloane and Jacinta.

This book is fun and easy to read so I recommend it for ages: 6-8 this is a highly recommended book so have fun and find out what’s going to happen to Fabien.

I rate this book: 4 out of 5 stars four out of five stars


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