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Ruby Redfort Blink and you Die

If your a fan of Lauren Child then you`ll love this action packed adventure

this is a read for older kids and it is full of codes agents and best of all Ruby Redfort;

If you`ve read any other Ruby Redfort books then you’ll know about spectrum 8. well time to say goodbye as this is the series finale and it is better than ever.

A bunch of people want Ruby dead and some alive like these people;

1. a traitor of spectrum 8, who are they?

2. The Count Victor Von Leyden, who does he work for?

3.An actress Marnie Novak, why does she want Ruby?

4. and  last but not least Lorelei Von Leyden, daughter of the count why does she want Ruby dead?

If you look in the book all will be revealed….

If you were in Ruby’s situation would you: A)Turn the locks, switch the light off and wait for it to all happen naturally? or B) get out the and save yourself?! Well unfortunately Ruby’s only option is ‘not’ the one she would’ve wanted option B.

Oh, and if you know Ruby then you’ll know that she hates Bradley Baker right? Well that’s about to change…..

I rate this book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars





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